Messy Beautiful #1: Life is a Greek Tragedy

I was invited to participate in ‘Messy Beautiful’, a global collective concept where 10 creative women share their humanness: the messy & beautiful parts, the difficult traits that make us unique & valuable.

I’ve been re-reading some Greek plays recently - Aeschylus, The Oresteian Trilogy etc- and I’ve realised that they resonate with the ethos of the Messy Beautiful concept of looking deep within and expressing our shadow selves. Today’s post explores understanding my errors and owning the consequences of the mistakes that I have made, which, when pride gets in the way, is sometimes an uncomfortable thing to do. I have always been (and strive to be) truthful and direct, but occasionally my inner voice has become divided, forcing flawed feelings towards intractable and complicated actions. This is part of humanness and it resides in us all. The trick is to not let the inner voice divide in the first place… and I’m still learning how to perfectly cultivate this act

Denise McCulloch